Sunday, April 1, 2012

Family Pictures Spring 2012

We were able to take some cool pictures yesterday in the texan blue bonnets. It was a huge field full of these flowers and there were many families there. looks like its the thing to do every spring here in texas.

Here are some of the pictures.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

October came and went

So october passed by so fast for me. it came and it went as fast as a passing wind. But we had a lot going on that month. We were able to bless our baby Eva. it was such a beautiful baby blessing and she looked gorgeous.
Here are my beautiful kids. Eko is getting so handsome i just can't get enough of both these kids. Here is eva with her gorgeous dress made by her great grandma in utah and made from the material of my wedding dress. so this is a very special dress for me.
The Burroughs came all the way from utah to be here for the baby blessing and to see us at our new home in texas. this is us at the famous texas state fair.
the burroughs brought us our buddy, yay. so now buddy is a texas dog.
Oh yeah some time back mark got a scooter (yes I know, it looks kindda like a bike but its a scooter, trust me i checked)He loves his new bike, he think he looks cool. specially when he wears his neon green jacket and helmet.
Halloween was so fun this year. Eko had a costume party and this neighborhood gets really into it so a lot of the houses were VERY decorated and eko got tons of candy and we only knocked in 3 blocks because it was a school night but some of the big kids that knocked a lot had full pillowcases.
this was our trio, yes all 3 of them went trick or treating, even buddy. he loved the attention he got.
Eva is now 2 months and she is so fun to be around. She loves to smile, SPECIALLY to mark and eko. she is a total daddys girls.
She is VERY petite and people are always shocked when i say she is 2 months and was born at over 8 pounds because she looks so tiny. she is about 10.5 pounds now so she is growing but what do you expect, she has some asian in her. she won't be a big baby like eko was but we are ok with that. that just means she will be my tiny baby for longer.
thats about it for now. Eko is doing great at school and i love it when he comes home telling me all he has learned. mark is still loving his job and we are all looking forward to thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Little Model

Eva was used as a model for one of our church friends who sells head bands and hats. She did so good till we tried getting her naked and then she got mad at us. Here are some of the cute pictures she got.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome LeiLani Evangeline

Ok so I have been trying to work on this post for 3 days and I always run out of time so I will make it quick.
-We had Eva's grandparents here visiting last week to see her but they were here and there was NO baby, my hospital wouldn't enduce till 42 weeks and we were running out of time but on September 6th at 4am I woke up feeling a little wet but knew I hadn't peed on myself so I went to the bathroom to check and sure enough my water had broken. I got mark up and he jumped out of bed and was ready to go but since I had no contractions I took my sweet time getting ready. around 5am we headed to the hospital and the contractions were starting and from the beginning they were 2 minutes apart. They checked me & i was only at a 2cm and had to put a heart monitor on the babies head and that caused the contractions to be about 50 seconds apart. By noon I was only at a 4cm so they gave me some medicine to speed things up. while I was there dealing with the contractions the lady next to me (yes I was sharing a room) said "The baby is coming" well the nurses didn't believe her cause they had just checked her and her water hadn't broken and she was at a 4cm. well guess what... her baby really was coming and we heard her say a second time "the baby is coming NOW" and (no lie) 30 sec later we heard her baby cry. the nurse had to catch the baby without gloves cause that baby just popped out. so mark and I got to witness someone else's delivery. A great story to tell Eva when she is older. But anywho, my contractions were pretty strong but the worse was the pressure eva was putting on me. Around 2pm they checked and I was at a 6cm and they said it will be a few more hours but around 2:15 I told them that i felt her head down there and ofcourse they said "No way, there is no way both ladies in this room will have kids popping out that fast." WELL, 5 minutes later i told them again and they checked and sure enough, Eva was ready to come so they got ready, 5 pushes and she was happily out. She came pretty quick & healthy.

Ok here is the funny part.
Both Eko & Eva woke us up at 4AM to go to the hospital. with both I was at 2cm when I got there. with BOTH I got checked at noon and was at a 4cm, and were both Born almost at the same time on their due date. only 15% of babies are born on their due date and I have 2 of those kids.

Ok here are the pictures now.

The proud big brother.
The EXTRA PROUD grandma and popo who came all this way from georgia to see eva but only got to see her for less than 8 hours.

Baby LeiLani Evangeline Burroughs
Born September 6th, 2011 at 2:28pm
8 pounds 3 oz 19.25 inches long
Going home outfit!
She was so big around the middle (Even tho you can't really see it) she didn't fit the newborn diapers at the hospital so they had to put her on size 1 since day one and all the newborn clothes we had for her didn't fit. so she wore a 0-3 months dress instead.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

catching up on life

Sooo I haven't blogged lately but my sister keeps telling me to update my blog and since she is one of the few that reads it then i decided to updated it.

not much happening here in good old texas, its HOT. sometimes as much as 118 so i try to stay inside as much as i can. I have a pool outside but its too hot to be out there so i only go in the mornings once every few weeks and therefore, I'M WHITE which is not normal for summers for me. Mark is still loving his job cause he gets to play doctor all day long and get payed for it. he has some pretty funny stories from there too. they use to feed them lunch every day but they have stopped that so he was a little sad about that.

Eko finished his first soccer league season. Their team was undefeated and won every game 8 out of 8. eko was sooo proud and so happy cause after every game he got a shake. He only scored a goal on his first game and he said that was good enough for him. he did score one other time but they didn't count it cause right before he kicked the ball in one of the kids tried to touch it so they didn't count it but they still won. He LOVES his trophy and won't let anyone touch it but will show it to anyone that comes through the door. He says he CAN'T wait to play again but that probably won't be till winter so he can play with some of the same teammates.
eko and mark's new thing is to match ALL THE TIME. It's cute and fun but it drives me crazy cause since i have limited clothes to wear right now i end up not matching or eko says "But mom, we just wore that the other day, get new clothes." if it was only that easy. But its sooo cute to see them matching clothes specially on sundays. on regular days they both just end up wearing green cause eko loves green and both of them have tons of green shirts. I DON'T.
My belly.....It's HUGE!!! I feel so bad for eko cause he can't hug me any more. he told me the other day "mom, when is eva coming out so i can hug you normal again, so you can play with me on the floor without pain and so that you can be skinny" lol. smart boy. if it was up to me she would be out but she will be by the end of the month so just a few more weeks.
So a few weeks ago, mark showed eko how to dive for sticks. well two days later eko was swimming and eko goes "mommy, look what i showed myself how to do!" and he started swimming UNDER WATER. all by himself, it took me years to teach myself how to hold my breath for long enough to swim under water, eko does it like if he was a fish. So mark wants to put eko in swimming lessons in september so next year when he is 5 he can be in a swimming team. He already knows how to swim above water, under water, and dive for toys but he needs to learn how to swim on his back and float better and then he will be ready. I'm so glad he is a great swimmer cause his mommy is ok but not the best. mark was a lifeguard for years tho so i guess he got it from him. Hope you can see the video below.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Maternity Photoshoot!!!

So here we are 8 months into the pregnancy and almost done and ready to meet our little girl. Just wanted to share some of the pictures we took.

Friday, May 20, 2011

trying to catch up.

Ok so I know its been a while but we will try to catch up. We moved to texas in march and we are loving it. The weather is still nice, people are super nice and our new ward is awesome.
We are getting ready for baby Eva to come join us. We are naming her LeiLani Evangeline.
Here is baby eva and me at 25 weeks. she is a lot pointier than eko ever was. I feel huge already
Mark lost a bunch of weight, like close to 30 pounds. so here he is showing off how he can fit into his college t-shirt.
Mark got a new job as a patient consultant at a male clinic and he loves it. he thinks its cool how he works at a place with all men where they feed him free lunch every day and he gets to meet cool famous people.
I just HAD to post this picture of my boys matching. They look so handsome together. Eko is so grown up and looks just like his daddy.
Eko turned 4 a few weeks ago. Time is passing by toooo fast.

My big boy is starting soccer in 2 weeks and will be playing till the last week of july. and then 3 weeks later he starts pre-k so a big change for him keeping in mind that he starts school just a week before we are due. We hope our kids schedules work out.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

and the baby is a.....

Ok so we made the announcement about a week or more ago but just in case you didn't hear the news. Our little latin spice is a....
Little Girl!!!!
We are so excited.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Introducing Baby Burroughs

After a scare and a long wait, we were finally able to hear a heartbeat and see our little baby. And even tho the doctor had some concerns, The baby is growing perfectly, my due date is still sept. 06 and we all on the clear for a strong growing baby. Here are some pictures for you to see our cute baby.